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Thursday, August 22

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As part of National Bike Safety Month, Saluda Elementary School, Hincapie Sports in Greenville, SC and Adventure Cycles in Saluda, NC collaborated to increase cycling safety for Saluda School students. With a generous donation from Hincapie Sports given in appreciation for the use of the Saluda School field for a rest stop during the annual Gran Fondo Hincapie (held each year on the third Saturday in October), Chris Young of Adventure Cycles facilitated the purchase of 12 Kali Protectives bicycle helmets at cost. The helmets were given to deserving students whose names were drawn from a hat. Three first grade students received their helmets during PE on May 31st. 
More information about bicycling and bike safety can be found at The League of American Bicyclists
https://www.bikeleague.org/bikemonth; about Adventure Cycles at https://adventure-cycles-nc-llc.business.site/; about Hincapie Sports and Gran Fondo Hincapie at https://hincapie.com/granfondo/; and Kali Protectives helmets at https://kaliprotectives.com/. In North Carolina, bicyclists and bicycle passengers less than 16 years old must wear safety helmets while riding on public roads. However, all bicyclists are encouraged to wear a helmet whenever on a bicycle.

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