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Title I Parent & Family Engagement

Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic standards and state academic assessments.

The Title I mission is to ensure each child successfully meets or exceeds North Carolina’s proficient and advanced levels of student performance and meets or exceeds expectations on local, state, and national assessments.  The Board of Education recognizes the value of family engagement in a child's academic success and believes the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between the home and school. The Board encourages parents and family members to participate in the design and implementation of the programs and activities in order to increase the effectiveness of the school system's Title I program in helping students meet state and local achievement standards.  The full Board policy can be found at  https://boardpolicyonline.com/?b=polk_county&s=173353 

Saluda Elementary School

Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Saluda Elementary School (SES) recognizes the value of parent and family engagement in the child’s academic success and believes the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between the home and the school.  It is crucial that parents take part in the planning of their child’s education. SES believes that the more our parents are involved with their child’s education, the higher the level of achievement and attendance. Our parents are encouraged to learn about the goals and objectives of our school, as well as provide input in the design and implementation of programs and activities.  In addition, parents are invited and encouraged to participate in activities and events that involve them, such as parent conferences and parent nights, in order to increase the effectiveness of the school’s program in helping students meet state and local achievement standards.

A copy of this plan will be included in all future parents/students handbook and is part of the enrollment package.  Each student is given a copy of the handbook upon entry to Saluda School, and it will be posted to the school’s website for reference.

Operation of Title I Program

Title I is a federally funded program that was enacted in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), committed to closing the achievement gap between low-income students and other students.  The purpose of Title I Programming is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on state and local academic achievement standards and assessments. 

Annual Public Meetings

Saluda Elementary School’s annual Title I meeting is held in the fall of each year.  This meeting informs parents about the services provided by Title I and gives an overview of our parent involvement program. Comments and feedback are welcomed. 

Timely Information

Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial to a child’s academic success.

To keep parents informed of their child’s progress, teachers send information, such as newsletters, and student work home through the yellow Communication Folder, utilized by all grade levels. Interim reports are distributed every three weeks and report cards are sent home every six weeks. Istation Reports for K-3 and assessment results for 3-5 are given to parents at least three times per year.  

Involving Parents

Parents have many opportunities to participate in various family engagement activities.  Event dates are distributed through the Bright Arrow calling system, monthly teacher and principal newsletters, the school marquee, flyers, and our school website.

Parents are members on decision-making committees such as the School Improvement Team, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), Title I, and Calendar Committee.    

Parents complete surveys and questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the Title I program.  This information is used for improvement and to plan future activities.  

SES is always willing to meet with any parents who express an interest, concern, or have suggestions for improvement.  SES believes parents and teachers are partners in the education of all students. Parents should feel welcomed and involved throughout the school year.      

Regular Meetings

Parents are encouraged to play an active role in their child’s academic progress.  Teachers schedule parent conferences throughout the year, with the first required one scheduled before October 31st of each year.  At the conferences, teachers address parent questions and concerns, and review student progress. Parents may request conferences at any time during the school year.  These conferences are scheduled before, during or after school hours.  

Parents are invited to attend and give input when a child is referred to the RtI/MTSS process (Responsiveness to Instruction/Multiple Tiered System of Support). Parents are involved in developing their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and 504 Accommodation Plan.

Parent Compacts

Compacts (contracts or agreements) involving qualifying students, their parents and the teacher are designed to help develop student potential.  Parents, teachers, and students agree on the responsibilities of each party in the learning process. The Compact is distributed, reviewed, and signed at the beginning of the school year or when children first arrive at SES.  Both teachers and parents/students retain a copy of this agreement.  


School Personnel

SES has a tradition of collaboration and teamwork with staff and parents to assume responsibility for student learning and success.  Parents, teachers, administration, and student support personnel work closely together to achieve goals. With the combination of increased time for instruction, focused interventions and professional development, and effective collaboration and communication practices, we will produce significant gains and achievement to provide continued success for our school community.     

Parent Support

Orientation is held before school begins, which includes meeting the teachers and visits to classrooms.  Each teacher provides parents with a handbook which includes an introduction to the curriculum and North Carolina standards, classroom expectations and behavior plan, contact information, and opportunities for volunteering.  

Fall and spring informance events are held at the school to provide students with an opportunity to inform their families and the community their academic and artistic talents.  Informational events, such as Science and Literacy Nights, are held to encourage families to learn together and make resources to take home to use to reinforce skills worked on in the classroom.  Information tables are set up at parenting events. These may include Title I, cafeteria/nutrition, volunteer opportunities, etc. Staff members address questions, as needed. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these events.   

To build student libraries at home, each student may select up to five free books per year to remain at home to read. Book “shopping” is held throughout the year, usually before students are out of school on a long break.   

PreK Transition Meetings

Parents of upcoming Kindergarten students will be invited to attend an informational Kindergarten Orientation, offered during the Kindergarten registration period.  This meeting includes strategies and ideas that parents can use to assist their children prior to Kindergarten to ensure a successful start. Students are introduced to the classroom and the school environment.    

Collaboration & Integration of Services

SES collaborates with community agencies and organizations, as needed, to provide the maximum educational opportunities available, including the Department of Social Services, Family Preservation Services, Thermal Belt Outreach, local churches, Saluda Women’s Club, and Blue Ridge Health.   

Parent Information & Conferences

Parents are notified of scheduled activities and events through teacher and principal newsletters, flyers, Parent/Student Handbook, Bright Arrow messages, Saluda Lifestyles, conferences, social media (Facebook), Remind messages, marquee sign, and the SES webpage.  

Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format and language that is free of educational jargon and is easily understood by all.  Families and community members are always welcome at Saluda Elementary School.


Involvement in your child's education is very important.  At Saluda Elementary School, we want to work with you as a partner in your child's education

If you have questions about your child's progress or if you have questions about the school, please ask.  There are various ways to stay involved:

  • Meet your child's teacher(s).

  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences.  Attend conferences scheduled by your child's teacher(s). Schedule conferences if you have questions/concerns.

  • Encourage your child to read nightly and to complete homework assignments.

  • Provide a quiet place and a specific homework time.

  • Learn about and understand school procedures.  Help your child understand and follow school procedures, rules and guidelines.

  • Volunteer at the school.  Volunteer to read with students.  Volunteer to help with campus beautification projects.  To become a Saluda School volunteer, complete the online application and background check at www.polkschools.org.

  • Attend special events sponsored by the school.

Visit the school and stay in contact with your child's teacher(s).  We ask that all visitors check in at the office to get a name tag to wear while on campus during the regular school day.  Although inconvenient for some, this procedure is a safety measure to help us make sure persons who are on campus have the right to be at school.

Click for information on the federal Title 1 Program from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.