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Goals, Responsibility, Initiative, Tenacity"

The mission of Saluda Elementary School, in union with family and community, is to equip and motivate each student to participate responsibly in a diverse and challenging global society, while inspired to continue to mature intellectually, socially and emotionally. 

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We are looking forward to another wonderful year at Saluda School!  
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Ms. McGee's Second Graders

Second grade students in Christine McGee’s class at Saluda Elementary have been learning about the histories and lifestyles of Native Americans.

Students studied different regions and tribes that lived in each and also learned about how each group was different based on the resources available in the region.

They learned about the “three sisters” in farming, the Trail of Tears and games different tribes played. Students made longhouses out of popcicle sticks to take home and worked in cooperative groups to build large longhouses and wigwams.

The work involved problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Students also made Cherokee coil clay pots.