Students at Saluda School were recognized as the Top Cats for exuding positive character traits and citizenship.

Bottom row from left-to right:  
Memphis Williams, Rose Richards, Ivey Neel, Emory Dow
Rebecca Cannon, Maya Huddleston, Natalie Eberlin-Morgan, Jackson Blotner
Hurley Bell, Louisa Wood, David Woods
Talon Ramsey, Kaitlyn Marion

Learn + Serve + Lead = Succeed!

Principals' Message

We are looking forward to another wonderful year at Saluda School!  

Parent Information

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While actively engaged in the learning of basic skills, enriched by arts and technology integration, Saluda Elementary School students will acquire a desire for knowledge and the strength of character needed to become lifelong learners and productive members of their communities and the world.


The mission of Saluda Elementary School, in union with family and community, is to equip and motivate each student to participate responsibly in a diverse and challenging global society, while inspired to continue to mature intellectually, socially and emotionally.


  • Saluda School works best in partnership with students, parents, teachers, administrators and community where everyone assumes responsibility and accountability for their roles.

  • Integration of the arts into the curriculum allows students to be taught the way they learn best.

  • Saluda School must be physically safe and an orderly place that fosters mutual respect among students, staff and family.

  • Saluda School should maintain a caring environment where students are actively engaged in learning and are encouraged to take learning risks.

  • High expectations of all partners are essential for successful performance and academic excellence.

  • Saluda School should help students develop the skills and attitudes that enable them to be prepared for success in life.

  • A sufficient financial base is necessary to provide the programs and services of the school.